Reasons to Buy and Place Lights on your Pinewood Derby Car

I hope you'll purchase a set of lights, they are easy to build (no soldering required!) and look great as your car goes down the track during the race.

Although you hope your car will win you can't be sure of it. One thing you can be sure of is that everyone will be talking about how cool your car looks with PinewoodLights™.

Here are some reasons to buy...

1. You will have a great car.
2. You will learn about electronic circuits and how they work.
3. You will build your own circuit board.
4. It is fun to make and install.
5. It will certainly impress your friends and Scout leaders.
6. You can meet certain requirements (achievements, electives, pins, belt loops etc...).
7. You will help me learn about developing a business.
8. Some of the proceeds will be donated to Scouting.
9. The lights are great for reading under your blankets at night. Cool
10. College is expensive.

Pinewood Derby Racer - Cars like this are too narrow to hide the circuit board underneath.