Police Light Kits for Pinewood Derby Cars!!

Isaak's Police Car

Isaak from Wisconsin built a terrific police car using two sets of Pinewoodlights. He won 1st place in design. Congratulations!

Top Cop Police Car

Top Cop was built by a Wolf Scout from Amherst, NY using Pinewoodlights, a piece of tubing was used as the lightbar.

Police lights are available individually or as a complete kit.  Add two blinking red blue lights or one blinking blue light and one blinking red or two of either color along with headlights to your car with the standard police light kit. 

The police lights are clear when off and a bit larger than the headlights (about the size of a pencil eraser).  Tail lights are not included because it's difficult to tape down the 6 red and 6 blue wires with the copper tape.  

Police light kits are available in the shopping area.

Batmans Police Car

Anthony from Pennsylvania Built Batman's Police Car using Pinewoodlights Police lights.




Installing police lights is not difficult, especially if you have already built a standard Pinewoodlights kit in the past. The headlights and circuit board are exactly the same and installed in the same location. The wires are color coded the same too, red goes to + and blue to -.

Instead of holes for tail lights, drill holes from the top of the car through to the circuit board cavity for the police light wires. Twist all of the red wires together and tape them down using copper tape to the spot indicated on the circuit board. Do the same for all of the blue wires. The police lights will blink automatically when the switch is on. 

Here are short videos of Nathans's Police Car and Anthony's Batman's Police Car that show how the lights operate. They take a few seconds to load so be patient.

Nathan's Police Car

Batman's Police Car

For more details on assembling and installing a standard kit see those menu items or the videos.