Second, Drill holes for the Lights

After you have finished shaping your car you need to drill holes to mount the lights and route the wires to the bottom. Use a drill with a 5/32" bit and drill holes about 1” deep for the front and rear lights.  A 1/8" bit can be used for the headlights but you'll have to enlarge the entrance slightly to fit the base of the lights. If you want the wires to go under the axle grooves you'll have to drill about 2" deep on one end of the car.

Drill Instersecting Holes into the bottom of the Pinewood CarDrill holes for the front lights in the Pinewood Derby Car

 Note: The Pinewood car shown here has side pieces added to make wheel fenders. It's still a legal width. The top has been hollowed out to remove wood so that it will only weigh 5 oz.

Then, drill bigger (1/4" or larger) intersecting holes from the bottom of the car to provide a route for the wires from the lights to the circuit board cavity. Avoid drilling through the axle grooves so you don’t interfere with the wheel installation and don't drill through to the top of the car.

Finish the final sanding and paint the car before installing the lights (next step). You should wait to install the wheels until after the light kit is completely in place.