Third, Install the Lights on your Pinewood Derby Car

Install the lights after your Pinewood Derby car has been painted. Wait to put the wheels on so you don't mess up their alignment while working on the lights. Route the wires from the clear headlights into the front of the car and out of the intersecting holes in the bottom.

Push the lights in place into the Pinewood Derby Car

Pre-bend the ends of the wires slightly so that they will follow upward into the intersecting holes. It's best to PUSH the lights and wires in place. If you must, pull very gently on the wires or they may separate from the lights.

It can be a little tricky to grab the wires in the intersecting holes in the bottom of the car. Tweezers or small needle nosed pliers can help immensely. Work carefully and get the lights aligned how you want them. The lights may fit snugly enough that no glue is needed although you may want to use a small amount of hot melt glue or wood glue. Don't use solvent based glues as they may dull the lights.

Pinewood Maserati Front view Pinewood maserati showing rear lights.

Front and back views of a Pinewood Maserati with Pinewood Lights installed.