Sixth, Mount the Circuit Board

Bottom view of Pinewood Maserati.

Carefully turn over the board while holding down the wires and the tape securing them in place. Place any extra wire under the board. Make sure the copper foil tape still holds the hooked wires in place on their respective strips.

Place the circuit board battery side up in the cavity so that you can use the switch to turn the lights on. If they don’t all light up see the troubleshooting section. Use the small screws (one in each corner) to attach the board to the car. Do not screw through any wires and try to keep the board as flat as possible as you tighten the screws.

Leave the lights on as you tighten down the circuit board. Only tighten each screw a little at a time until the board is secure and all the lights remain on. A screw that is tightened too much may bend or warp the circuit board causing the lights to turn off. Loosen it and tighten all of the screws evenly. Turn the lights off when the board is secure and the switch works perfectly.

Use scotch tape to flatten the wires to the bottom of the car. Press the wires down and tape them flat – remember you want clearance for the raised portion of the track beneath the car.

Hint for race day: Since Pinewood Derby cars are usually impounded after the weigh-in you should turn on the lights ahead of time. They should run at least a day on one battery. If the weigh-in is the day before the race you should ask one of the leaders to turn on the lights for you just before the race so the lights will be nice and bright as the car goes down the track.

Good Luck!