Installing the Lights on your Pinewood Derby Car

While waiting the arrival of your PinewoodLight Kit you can begin building your car. Installation and car construction will follow these basic steps:

  1. Make a cavity in the car to hold the circuit board.
  2. Carve and shape the Pinewood Derby car.
  3. Drill holes for the lights and wires.
  4. Finish final sanding and painting.
  5. Install the lights and connect them.
  6. Mount the circuit board and attach the sticker.

Download detailed instructions and watch the videos on this site.

Pinewood Derby Car Block Showing Cavity.

Have an idea in mind and a drawing of how you want your Pinewood car to look. You need to make sure that the design is compatible with installing the lights. Plan the location of both the lights and the circuit board. Since Pinewood Derby rules require that the car be only 7” long, if the lights extend beyond the front or back you will need to trim about 1/8” off of one end of the block. The light kit and the basic car kit together weigh less than the 5 ounces allowed so weight should not be an issue.

The Pinewood Derby track has a raised portion in the center (between the wheels) so if you mount the circuit board as recommended underneath the car, it MUST be recessed into a cavity (hole). Do not place the circuit board at either end of the car since the wires are not long enough to reach.

There is enough track clearance for the wires to run along the bottom of the car provided you used scotch tape to stick them down flat.

One installation method is described here but this will be unique to every Pinewood car. The circuit board can be hidden in a cavity underneath, covered with paper or plastic or left exposed depending on your design. Similarly, the wires may be hidden internally or run along the bottom or sides of the car.

Use your imagination!