Fifth, Connect the Lights

if you have not already done so, build the circuit board (see Assembly) and then return to this point.

Circuit board showing proper connections. Back view of circuit board.

Bottom of Maserati showing wires taped in place - red at bottom, blue at top.With scissors cut a piece of copper foil tape 1” long, remove the back and stick the bare red wire hooked ends to the bottom strip on the back. Cut another 1” piece and stick the bare blue wire hooked ends to the top strip.

Press down hard all around the wires to get a good solid connection. The tape should stick securly, if it doesn't clean the back of the board with rubbing alcohol (isopropanol - parental supervision) to remove finger oils.

Be sure that there is no metal connection creating a short between the red and blue wires or your lights will not come on and the battery will run down very fast.

Test the switch to be sure the lights operate correctly (if not see Troubleshooting).