Third, Attach the Battery

Third stage assembling circuit.

Cut a third piece of tape 2 1/2" long and remove the backing. Center the battery with the positive (+) side of the battery against the sticky side of the tape. Stick the battery to the circle on the front of the board with the + side facing up (this is VERY IMPORTANT). If the + side is down, you'll have to reverse the blue and red wires or the circuit will not work.

Wrap the tape all the way around onto the back. It should be long enough for the ends to overlap. Do not let this tape touch any of the others or else it will create a short and run down the battery.
Side view of Pinewood Lights battery.
Now, look at the side view of the battery, although you want the battery to be firmly fastened to the board, you must avoid the situation shown at the left above. The tape must NOT touch the negative side (bottom part) of the battery since this will cause a short circuit and the battery will run down quickly. If does touch, IMMEDIATELY peel it up and put it back down as indicated “OK” above.