Hall of Fame Lighted Pinewood Derby Cars!

With every kit a special e-mail address is included so that you can send in a picture of your finished Pinewood Derby car.  Send it too me and I may post it on this Hall of Fame pictures page.  Please include a first name only to be used with the picture.  Sorry, but I cannot post pictures of kids.

Note that sending a picture is giving me permission to post it and once posted it is available to everyone everywhere on the internet.  You can then tell your friends about it.  How cool is that??
A derby car that looks like a snail.
This is a very creative use for a set of PinewoodLights.
The body of the snail is made from a material called "Model Magic"  It's like a soft light foamy Play-doh that dries over a few days to be very light weight.
You should have seen that "S" car go!
Maserati Head On:  The lights make the car. maserati_rear_at_night maserati_guarter_front

Pinewod Derby Flatbed Truck

truck back