Assemble your PinewoodLights Kit

Starting Circuit

First you need to assemble the electrical circuit using the steps shown in this section beginning with the bare circuit board as shown above. You can start by rounding any sharp corners with a pair of scissors, sandpaper or a fingernail file.

After completing assembly steps 1-6 you can then prepare the Pinewood Derby car. Be sure to review the Installation section and especially Installation step 1 before beginning to build your car.

Download detailed instructions or watch a video about assembling the circuit board.


First Place a Tape in the Middle of the Board

First step in assembling circuit for a PinewoodLights Kit

Using scissors cut a piece of copper foil tape 1 1/4 inches long, remove the backing carefully and place it in the center of the front as shown in the diagram above. Start at the top and very carefully follow the lines down because the gap formed to the right is critical for proper switch operation.

Second, Wrap Tape from Front around Back

Second Stage in Assembling Circuit

Use the switch piece edge of the to smooth both pieces of tape until they are securely stuck down flat - especially along the edges of the gap. Wrinkles around the gap should be completely flat and none of the edges should stick up or they will interfere with the switch operation.

Third, Attach the Battery

Third stage assembling circuit.

Cut a third piece of tape 2 1/2" long and remove the backing. Center the battery with the positive (+) side of the battery against the sticky side of the tape. Stick the battery to the circle on the front of the board with the + side facing up (this is VERY IMPORTANT). If the + side is down, you'll have to reverse the blue and red wires or the circuit will not work.

Wrap the tape all the way around onto the back. It should be long enough for the ends to overlap. Do not let this tape touch any of the others or else it will create a short and run down the battery.
Side view of Pinewood Lights battery.
Now, look at the side view of the battery, although you want the battery to be firmly fastened to the board, you must avoid the situation shown at the left above. The tape must NOT touch the negative side (bottom part) of the battery since this will cause a short circuit and the battery will run down quickly. If does touch, IMMEDIATELY peel it up and put it back down as indicated “OK” above.

Fourth, Install the Rivet

Install the Rivet on the Fourth Assembly step Circuit.

The plastic rivet must be installed in the hole on the back of the circuit board marked "Rivet. Do not confuse the corner screw hole with the rivet hole. Put the rivet with the flat head down on a table or other hard surface. Place the circuit board face up over the rivet post and push down hard around the rivet hole. Be careful not to put your finger over the hole or you will get poked when it comes through.

If the rivet is damaged during installation you can use the spare screw to secure the switch through the rivet hole once you have installed the board in your car.

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