Fifth, Connect the Switch

Final Assembly for Circuit for Pinewood Derby Car Light Kit

Use a pair of scissors or fingernail clippers to round off the switch piece on the end with the hole. Next, place the hole in the switch over the top of the rivet with the copper tape seam facing up (this assures a smoothly operating switch). Push down hard on the switch around the rivet. It should snap into place and hold it down securely. If your fingers aren’t strong enough, place the jaws of an adjustable wrench on each side of the rivet hole and push down hard.

When you rotate the switch to cover the gap, it is in the “on” position. Rotate it to uncover the gap to turn the circuit “off”. Make sure the end of the switch does not touch the side of the battery. If it does, it will create a short circuit. Just trim off a little bit from the switch end or shift the battery down a little so that the switch does not touch.

A PinewoodLights™ sticker can be placed on the battery and elsewhere on the car as if it were sponsored by PinewoodLights.